Something Epic Happened at Origins 2015--White Wizard Games

We're back yet again with more coverage from Origins Game Fair 2015. This time we're taking a look at Epic, the latest offering from White Wizard Games, who brought us the smash hit deck builder Star Realms.


Epic is currently on Kickstarter and KILLING it, so if you want to get in on the ground floor, now it the time to do so. 

We had the chance to sit down with Rob Dougherty of White Wizard and get an explanation of exactly what is so epic about Epic. You can watch the full video (originally broadcast on Periscope) below.

Epic is a card game that most people are going to liken to Magic: the Gathering. Players will play events and summon creatures to do battle in an all-out showdown. But unlike MTG, this is a game that comes with a full set of cards. There's no rarity, no card-chasing, just a set of awesome, powerful cards that you can use on turn one. That's right. Cards either cost zero Gold to use, or one Gold to use, and you get and lose one Gold per turn. So every turn you can use your most powerful cards, and the decision becomes, "Which one do I use first?" not, "How many turns do I want to spend preparing to use this card?"


White Wizard has a really great philosophy when it comes to creating games that are easily accessible and at a price point that will allow you to play a great game for $15, yet you can expand out to bring in more players and options, if you so choose. Also, while you can be sure there are plans to expand Epic, Rob assured us that we won't have to worry about power creep and cards that will eventually cost 2 Gold, or 3 etc. So your first deck of Epic will always be just as useful and powerful as it is now. 

Rob was gracious enough to slide me a prototype deck of about half the cards, so keep an eye out because I'll be doing a full preview of the game with lots of card images and such very, very soon as well as a broadcast on Periscope of real life game play! Until then, check out the video! And we'll see you next time for our final Origins recap!