Origins 2015--Gamelyn Games and Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes' Call

One of the highlights of Origins for me this year was catching up with Michael Coe of Gamelyn Games. We chatted a little bit about the upcoming release of Tiny Epic Galaxies--which I'm VERY excited for--but most of our time was spent sitting down and playing a game of Tiny Epic Kingdoms: Heroes' Call. 

Heroes' Call is the forthcoming expansion to my 2014 Game of the Year: Tiny Epic Kingdoms. and while my full preview of the title will be coming your way in a few days, I can tell you this: It's fun!

The expansion does exactly what you would hope an expansion would: It adds another layer of depth without over-complicating or losing the feel of the original game. It introduces another type of resource, which adds a new region type to the maps, and there are now towers that are built into a region you occupy whenever you activate and choose to perform the Build action. 

Everyone's Hero is now represented by a large meeple, who gives you new and unique bonus actions. You can also level up and eventually retire a Hero to earn more VP's at the end of the game.

It's a really fun addition to an already great game, and adds a great deal of meat to the game. 

I Periscoped a portion of our gameplay that evening and you can watch the rebroadcast of it on YouTube below.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read our coverage of Origins 2015, stay tuned there's more to come!