Kickstarter Weekly - May 7, 2015

Well the force was strong with the internet this week as geeks the world over celebrated May 4th. Meanwhile, Kickstarter is still bringing it strong with plenty of great gaming projects seeking your gaming dollar. Let's take a look!

Featured Presentation!

Swamped: A Game of Adventure, Secrets, and Deadly Peril - Dennis Hoyle/Bellwether Games

Jump in a boat and head into the world's most deadly swamp to find a plant that (until you find it) only exists in legend, but that's only if you survive! The mechanic of players sharing control of the boat while also competing to complete hidden motives sounds like an interesting and unique mechanism! 

  • Campaign ends  - June 6, 2015
  • Pledge for base game - $12

Gruff: The Tactical Card Game of Mutated Monster Goats - Studio Woe

Yes. You read that right: Mutated Monster Goats. Okay, the theme is a bit out there, but the artwork and graphic design looks really sharp. It's a set of cards that will allow you to build decks and battle your friends. Studio Woe has also made it known they hope to create a tournament/drafting play experience within the universe they've created. 

  • Campaign ends - May 31, 2015
  • Pledge for base game - $25




Tides of Infamy - Jacob Bunting/Game Walker

Because we haven't had a pirate game on KSW for a while... Although this one looks sweet. Nice minis, a cool modular board, sweet component, great artwork, and lots of stretch goals. As with most pirate games you're trying to gain infamy and gold as you battle against other pirates, sea monsters, and the like. If you're into the pirate genre, this one is worth a look!

  • Campaign ends - June 5, 2015
  • Pledge for base game - $45 



Thanks for reading! Don't forget, let us know what you're backing, or even creating! We love hearing for you!