Play Tiny Epic Kingdoms: Heroes' Call Before Anyone Else!

It's no secret that we here at TOG are big fans of the Tiny Epic series from Gamelyn Games and designer Scott Almes, so we've been tuning into as much buzz as we can about the first expansion for the series: Tiny Epic Kingdoms: Heroes' Call. 

But what better to find out more than the buzz than to play the expansion itself!? Gamelyn seems to think so, as they're giving away 30--30!--prototype copies of the expansion to lucky folks like you. 

Keep in mind this is an expansion, which typically means you'll have to have the base game to play it, but in Gamelyn's press release they said this prototype will have everything you need to play, so no worries if you're new to the franchise...

Intrigued? Want to win? They're giving away 20 copies to folks who enter the raffle - RIGHT HERE, and 10 to some lucky Facebookers - RIGHT HERE!

The catch! The catch is that you'll agree to write a short preview of the expansion on the Geek - RIGHT HERE - within 14 days of receiving your prototype. A small price to pay to get a sneak peek at the newest addition to one of the hottest franchises in the indie gaming world!