Tiny Epic Defenders Contest Winner!

One of our favorite things to do here at Theology of Games is to give stuff away! And that's all thanks to the kind and generous folks of the gaming industry who supply us with the majority of these fabulous prizes. So thanks again to Michael Coe of Gamelyn Games for providing a deluxe copy of Tiny Epic Definders to give away to one lucky reader!

Who is that lucky person?

It's Brendan Messer!

Congrats Brendan, and good luck defending the land!

We should mention that Brendan wasn't the first person picked, but if we can't get ahold of you, you can't win. If you UnFollow us as soon as the contest is over, for example, we can't message you. And you miss out. 

Stay tuned, because we have even MORE contests coming your way really soon! Make sure you stay connected with us via our email list and social media to be the first to know about our giveaways! Thanks for reading!