Alderac Wants Your Best Smash Up! Ideas!

One can only imagine the number of emails, tweets, threatening letters, and carrier-pigeon messages that Alderac has received suggesting new factions for the next Smash Up! expansion. We even joined in when we interview designer Paul Peterson (RIGHT HERE!) and suggested a blogger faction...

Well, after years of this unsolicited bombardment of intellectual property, AEG is openly asking for your ideas, and giving you a neat easy way to share them! 

The newest "Its Your Fault" expansion will feature factions hatched fresh from the minds of their loyal fans... that's you.

You can visit Alderac's website and fill out a simple form to submit your idea for the BEST faction ever! You can do that by CLICKING RIGHT HERE!

You'll be able to submit ideas until May 11, and then it's on to the voting. The top 32 ideas will duke it out in a battle royale until the last four survivors are made into a new set of factions for the game! 

It's great to see a publisher take seriously the input of their fans, and we can't wait to see what crazy/awesome factions will be created from this little experiment! So what are your ideas! Go submit them and then let us know!! Maybe one of our readers will be selected to have their faction come to life!!