Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures: Fantasy Flight Announces Wave 7



This weekend at the 2015 Star Wars Celebration in California, Fantasy Flight Games held a panel where they announced the next wave in the successful X-Wing Miniatures line. Let's see what's coming!

First is the Hound's Tooth, a large, modified YV-666 freighter that happens to belong to the Transdoshan bounty hunter Bossk. It comes with four ships and 13 upgrade cards. One cool thing about The Hound's Tooth is that you can escape destruction in your own Z-95 Headhunter--living to fight another day!

Next up is another Scum and Villainy Faction ship: the Kihraxz fighter, which belongs to the Black Sun crime syndicate. It comes with four ships and five upgrades. 

The Imperial Faction gets the TIE Punisher, which is an upgraded TIE Bomber that comes with four ships and nine upgrades. It has plenty of ordnance options to blow things up real good. I'll be disappointed if it makes my TIE Bomber obsolete...

Finally, the Rebel Faction gets my favorite sculpt of the Wave: the K-Wing. This ship can take a beating, with four shields and five hull to go with the five ships and nine upgrades. If you look carefully at the ships, it looks like the K-Wing has a 360-degree firing range. I can't wait to field one of these. 

Expect to see these in a few months. Thanks for reading!