The Great Devourer: First Deluxe Expansion for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest

Good news, everyone! We're getting more cards for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest--and a whole new Faction--in the form of a deluxe expansion called The Great Devourer!

We reviewed the base game recently, and we both liked it a LOT. So we're super excited about news of a deluxe expansion.

One of the great things about the deluxe expansions for Fantasy Flight Games' Living Card Games (LCGs) is that they can expand things in new and interesting directions. In this case, it's by adding the Tyranids--a whole new Faction. The base game already comes with seven Factions, but the Tyranids look like they'll be vicious opponents, and fun to play. 

The Tyranids are basically a bioengineered super-bug hive mind. They don't care about power and influence. They just want to eat your face off. So they can't align with any other Factions. 

There are a number of new twists included. One is that the Tyranids can infest planets, and that gives them some cool tactical advantages there. 

There's also a new token unit called a Termagant. These aren't too scary alone, but they can build and overwhelm you. Plus, they're linked to the Hive Mind, which just gives them more options.

There's a new unit called a synapse unit, and every Tyranid warlord has to have one. And rather than the single dial, you might notice the double-dial in that picture above. That's one dial for the warlord, and one for the synapse unit.

These guys are SCARY!  

In addition to all the Tyranid goodness, each of the base game's seven Factions gets two new cards: one new unit, and one card to help that Faction fight the Tyranids. 

The Great Devourer will claw its way into the world in the next few months. We'll try to get our grubby mitts on a copy. It looks fun! Thanks for reading!