Quiver Gaming Gear: Making Things Right

If you were one of the 500+ backers who helped get Quiver Gaming Gear Mats off the ground, this isn't much news to you, because you received the email that we did 7 days ago. But we really thought it was worth noting writing up this bit of news, as Quiver attempts to make good out of a tough situation.

First a little history. We wrote up a review on the prototype mats that Quiver sent out last summer and we both loved them--you can find that review here. Kevin (Quiver's head dude) made the call during their very successful campaign to reduce the price of the mats due to the fact there was some built-in cost for an eventual stretch goal of a storage box. He passed that savings on to backers who had already pledged, as well as any future backers who wanted it (somewhere around a $20 savings for folks!). The Kickstarter finished and funded at 936%. 

Yay! The Quiver Gaming Gear mats are here! Who's up for some X-Wing?! #boardgames

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Fast forward to early this year. Mats started shipping to backers everywhere, which is great news for anyone who has backed a campaign on Kickstarter--you're always thrilled to see a campaign reach fulfillment. The problem was many folks didn't get the correct mats. We've been in contact with Kevin about this and let's just say he's been less-than-happy with the manufacturer's ability to pull off fulfillment. Which leads us up to last week's email. 

Kevin emailed backers to let them know that instead of chasing down everyone's wrongly printed mats and having them ship them back and then reship those returned mats to their proper owners, he has negotiated, at more cost to him, that new mats be printed and shipped to those who received the wrong mats. That's a two-for-one special for backers who have been inconvenienced by these multiple shipping errors. 

Quiver Gaming Gear are a fairly new company, and it's nice to see that Kevin is REALLY trying hard to make things right. It's been unfortunate to see him struggle with the manufacturer, but also refreshing to see the high road taken! We're guessing Quiver will be seeking a new manufacturer in the near future, and we certainly hope to see them land on their feet, because we both LOVE our gaming mats! 


We use Quiver Gaming Gear mats exclusively, but we didn't write this because Kevin asked us to. We wrote it because we want to celebrate someone doing the right thing in a bad situation. Check them out on Facebook here. And consider backing a good company making good products for your gaming table.