The Arctic Scavengers Expansion is a Go!

After much speculation--and a lot of hoping --it looks like the deck-builder Arctic Scavengers is finally getting a real release of the fabled Recon expansion. 

Robert K. Gabhart confirmed on the Arctic Scavengers forum on Boardgamegeek that the:

"Art is done.

Rules are done.

Insert is done."

Rio Grande Games will be releasing this, just as they did the 2nd edition. Never fear if you missed out on that edition, though. Their plan is to release two versions: A full version with the original game, the HQ expansion, and the Recon expansion in one box. And then a Recon-only version for people who already have the base game/HQ expansion. 

No release date yet, but Gabhart said he should have one "soon." In the meantime, you can read our interview from a couple of years ago, where he discussed the genesis of Arctic Scavengers, and more. We'll keep you updated with info as we get it. Thanks for reading!