Tumbin' Dice are Tumblin' Back!

If you're a fan of dexterity games, then we have good news for you! Tumblin' Dice, a dexterity game from 10 years ago, is on Kickstarter for a relaunch, thanks to Eagle-Gryphon Games. 

It's a wooden board with smaller steps moving away from the players. You roll dice onto those stairs, trying to keep dice on the small lower stairs--and hopefully knocking an opponent's dice off the steps. It's simple, fun, and PERFECT for nongamers and families. 

Thanks to that wooden board, it is a little pricey. But until this Friday you can snag the early-bird price of $55 (before shipping). That's a lot of money, but just like a crokinole board, you'll have this for many, many years of enjoyment. Check out the campaign. And thanks for reading!