Our 10 Most-Anticipated Games of 2015!

Today we're going to stare into the looking glass/crystal ball/thingie that tells the future, and share the 10 games we're most looking forward to this year! Will they be great games, or will we find out there's no basement in the Alamo? Only time will tell! These are in no particular order.

Let's get to the games!

Fidelitas - Green Couch Games
You can read our preview of the game right here. It's a game of playing cards to manipulate your position--and it's hitting backers' doorsteps now. We can't wait to get our grubby mitts on it!


Between Two Cities - Stonemaier Games 
This one is Kickstarting soon, but we've played prototype copies, and it's clever and elegant. We're anxious to see the final product, and with Stonemaier Games' track record on Kickstarters, we're sure this will be a well-done game. 


Dead Drop - Crash Games
A super-awesome micro-game from Jason Kotarski that you can play anywhere, and that's a lot of sneaky fun! Here's our preview. 


Bomb Squad - Tasty Minstrel Games

In this twist on the co-op genre, you're trying--in real time--to disarm bombs and save hostages. Sounds like fast, frantic fun, and we're very much looking forward to trying it out.


Dark Moon - Stronghold Games

We first heard about this during our interview with Stronghold Games' Stephen Buonocore. It's taking the core of Battlestar Galactica Express, and retheming it into a space-mining setting. I (Firestone) have played BSG Express, and it did a good job of distilling the regular Battlestar game into its most-fun aspects. We can't wait to try this new version. 

Tiny Epic Galaxies - Gamelyn Games
Tiny Epic Kingdoms is fantastic! Word on the street is Tiny Epic Defenders is as well, and I (Jeremiah) already know how awesome Tiny Epic Galaxies is! You'll want to grab this one up!


Viceroy--Mayday Games

All we really know about this resource-management and bidding game is that it's getting lots of hype. Tom Vasel LOVED it. So we're willing to give it a try. 


Seafall - Plaid Hat Games

Seafall is a Legacy game from designer Rob Daviau--of Risk Legacy fame. I (Firestone) was on the playtest team for the early iterations of Seafall, but my understanding is that the game has changed dramatically from those early days. I'm not even sure it'll come out in 2015, but I sure hope it does. 

Pandemic: Legacy -Z-Man Games

Another Legacy game from Daviau, but this time he's partnered with Matt Leacock and his Pandemic universe. That sounds terrifying, and fun. 


2 Rooms and a Boom! - Tuesday Knight Games
We know they've taken a beating on this one for being so late, but the wait will definitely be worth it. Just hang in there! This game is SO fun!



So what are you looking forward to in 2015? What did we miss? Let us know in the comments. And thanks for reading!