Weekly Wonder--What's Your Favorite MST3K Episode?

This probably seems like a weird question for a board game blog to ask, but you'll just have to trust that we have a good reason. And you'll find out what that reason is on Thursday when we have a very special interview. In the meantime...

Seriously, what are some of your favorite episodes of MST3K? And why?

Firestone's Top 3 MST3K Episodes

3. Final Sacrifice: Well, first, it has the drunk "action hero" Rowsdower. Then there's the wimpy lead actor. Oh, and an overacting, over-the-top villain. A ridiculous plot that makes no sense. And don't forget that crazy old coot with the hilarious voice. Plus, Canada! This was terrible in the very best way.

2. Final Justice: There are so many things to make fun of in this movie, it was really like shooting fish in a barrel. But the way the crew just eviscerates Joe Don Baker is what makes this a favorite. I can't hear a fake burp or fart without thinking about this episode. Now that's a legacy...

1. Space Mutiny: We've got a nonsensical plot, special effects lifted from the original Battlestar Galactica, and the weightlifter lead actor who's given amazing nicknames throughout the film. And the "chase" at the end is one of the most unintentionally funny things I've ever seen, including this gem:


Jeremiah's Top 3 MST3K Episodes

3. Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues: The IMDB storyline synopsis gives this poetic description of the film: "Professor and students camp out to find Bigfoot-type creature." But Boggy Creek II is so much more! Mad oats, high-tech tracking gadgets, obscenely short cut-offs worn by middle aged men, and, of course, Old Man Crenshaw.

2. Pod People: What's more endearing than a cute, cuddly aardvark-looking space alien that befriends a young boy whose voice is clearly being provided by an adult pretending to be a child? Oh, and if you frighten the cute little space alien or its family, they will KILL YOU.

1. Mitchell/Final Justice: I'm not sure whether Joe Don Baker's buffoonery or Joel/Mike and the Bots' clever wit that makes these so entertaining. Or maybe it's some sort of infinity loop. It's also important to note that friend to Maltese children everywhere,  Goosio, has never been the same since Final Justice aired.

Thanks for reading! Give us your favorite episodes down in the comments. And make sure you check back on Thursday for our special interview.