Our Huge 12 Days of Christmas Contest!

Well we teased you about this on the Podcast, but it's finally here! It's the 12 Days of Christmas Contest, and what a doozy it is! 

Starting Monday, December 14, we're giving away a prize/prize pack each day for 12 days straight!

What are these great prizes? Here's the list!

Day 1: From The Broken Token, The Castles of Mad King Ludwig custom insert!

Day 2: From Mage Company, Hoyuk, and from Escape Velocity Games, Conquest of Orion!

Day 3: From USAopoly, Nefarious and from Foxtrot Games, Lanterns: The Harvest Festival!!

Day 4: From Tuesday Knight Games, a signed copy of Two Rooms and a Boom!

Day 5: From Calliope Games: Thieves and 12 Days!

Day 6: From Green Couch Games, Fidelitas, Best Treehouse Ever, and Dead Drop!

Day 7: From Lamp Light Games, Space Junk and Nautilus Industries!

Day 8: From Stonemaier Games, a Deluxe Edition copy of Between Two Cities! 

Day 9: From Passport Game Studios, Mistfall and from Rather Dashing Games, Dwarven Miner! 

Day 10 From Catalyst Game Labs, Encounters Bravest Warriors (Blue and Red), The Jarl, and Wrath of Dragons!

Day 11: From Fantasy Flight Games, Samurai and Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition as well as a custom insert from The Broken Token!

Day 12: The Grand Prize! Brought to you by Tasty Minstrel Games, a copy of Luna, Steam Works, AquaSphere and Gold West!

How do you win!? The easiest way is to click the widget below and find a bunch of ways to enter! However there will be a few surprise days when the prize may go to a Youtube subscriber, iTunes podcast reviewer, Facebook fan, Periscope subscriber, or maybe some other randomly selected winner selection! So enter below, and find us out there on the internet!

A BIG thank you to all of the game publishers who provided prizes for this. Support them by buying their games!

Thanks for reading! And good luck!

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