Plaid Hat Games Launches a Crossroads Cards App for Dead of Winter

Just in time for Halloween, Plaid Hat Games has launched a new Crossroads Cards App for their popular Dead of Winter board game. 

The app contains all of the Crossroads Cards for Dead of Winter in an electronic format, so you can pass the phone or tablet from person to person as the game goes along. That's cool, but what's even better is that the app only shows you the trigger for the card, and not the results. So when people are making choices, they won't know the results of their decisions. This is a great addition, because we always felt that knowing what could happen seemed to be wrong, but there wasn't anything to keep you from knowing. (Other than just trying not to read ahead, or agreeing ahead of time to keep it mysterious. But not everyone likes that. The app doesn't really give you the option--though there's a convoluted workaround.)

The app includes helpful options, including a professional voiceover narration from Eric Summerer, sound effects, and the ability to exclude mature cards and co-op cards from the mix. 

Right now the app just supports the cards from the base game, so it's unclear whether this will include promo cards in the future.

The app is $0.99, and available now for Android devices, and is in Apple's review process for iOS devices. 

What are your thoughts? Do you think you'd use this app?