Support the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction


Whether or not you agree with his opinions on games, there's no denying that Tom Vasel is a pillar of the board game community. Five years ago Tom had a son named Jack, who only managed to live two months. A memorial fun was started in 2011, to help with medical bills associated with Jack's hospital stay. 

Afterward, Tom was moved greatly by the generosity shown by the board game community, and wanted to pay it forward. Now the fund exists to help those in the gaming community who are facing their own financial hardships. 

You can donate directly to the fund, and find out more about it--including reading testimonials of those who have benefited from the fund--by visiting the fund's Web site.

Another way to help--and get some games at the same time--is to visit the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction. Gamers and companies have donated games and other game-related goods to the auction. Winners get the prizes, and the fund gets the money. Last year's auction raised over $70,000, and this one's halfway to that total, with three weeks left in the auction. So head on over, get some great games, and help fellow gamers in dire straits. 

Thanks for reading!