Days of Wonder Releases Ticket to Ride Map Collection 5: UK and Pennsylvania

Ticket to Ride is easily one of the most important board games in our hobby. And one of the greatest things about it is that it's easily expanded. And now Days of Wonder have released their fifth Map Collection: UK and Pennsylvania. 

The Pennsylvania map plays similarly to regular Ticket to Ride, but many of the routes on the board give stock shares if you build that route. At the end of the game, the people who own shares will get additional VPs, depending on the company and how many shares they have. This idea of shares is similar to other Alan R. Moon games, including Union Pacific and Airlines Europe. 

On the UK map, players start with the ability to only build in England, and then only routes of 1 or 2 length. The map introduces the idea of Technologies. Players can acquire Technologies, which will allow them to do cool things, such as build to Scotland or build longer routes, or build on ferries. 

The UK map sounds especially thinky--it's not a map I'm going to break out at Thanksgiving with my parents! I love that Alan Moon is still stretching his beloved game, and not just coming out with maps with slightly different rules. 

What's your favorite Map Collection so far? Will you be picking up UK/Pennsylvania? Let us know in the comments. And thanks for reading!