Kickstarter Weekly - February 2, 2015

We know, it's been half way to forever since we've run a Kickstarter Weekly piece. Sorry about that. We're trying to push out more reviews and previews for you, while handling the many twists and turns of life and blogging. Anyway, enough of that, there are some great campaigns up and running on Kickstarter, so let's take a quick look-see!

Featured Campaign

Tiny Epic Galaxies - Gamelyn Games

We previewed Tiny Epic Galaxies a few weeks ago, and there's still time to get in on this one! The price point is super low for a great little game that's going to knock your socks off! It's my (Jeremiah's) new favorite dice-rolling game!

  • Title - Tiny Epic Galaxies

  • Campaign ends - Feb. 7, 2015

  • Pledge for base game - $16

  • Find it here!

Space Cadets: Away Missions - Stronghold Games

The 3rd game in the Space Cadets lineup, Away Mission is a co-op game that has players teaming up to turn back alien hordes while looking for alien tech. The game comes with a ton of sweet-looking miniatures. If you're into the Space Cadets line, and collecting miniatures, you'll definitely want to give this one a look! And we'll have an interview with Stronghold Games' Stephen Buonocore on Wednesday, with lots of great info on Space Cadets: Away Missions.

  • Title - Space Cadets: Away Mission

  • Campaign ends - Feb. 20, 2015

  • Pledge for base game - $99

  • Find it here!

Cones of Dunshire - Mayfair Games

Fans of the hit show Parks and Recreation will find this game a little familiar, although the gaming experience alluded to within the show's episode "Cones of Dunshire" may not seem all that...well, fun. Mayfair has taken it upon themselves to develop the game, along with hosting some Dunshire events at Gen Con this year. This game would be a great novelty gift for the gamer who's a fan of the show--though it comes in at a hefty price point! 

  • Title - Cones of Dunshire

  • Campaign ends - Mar. 15, 2015

  • Pledge for base game - $500!!! That's not a typo!

  • Find it here!

Hello, World!

AKO Dice - Kacha

I (Jeremiah) am a sucker for metal dice. I've picked up a few here and there at conventions and such, and will use them for games like Heroclix, Pirates, etc. There is just something about an ornately designed d6 that adds to the gaming experience for me. AKO (or Another Kind Of) Dice have a slick futuristic sci-fi design that uses a line design that wraps around the die to create the pips. Give them a look!

  • Title - AKO Dice

  • Campaign ends - Dec. 3, 2015

  • Pledge for base game - $15/pair

  • Find it here!

Well that's all we've got for this week. Are you running a campaign? Want us to talk about it? Let us know! 

Are you backing something that we haven't featured? Let us know!

Thanks, as always, for reading and stay tuned for more reviews, news, and interviews here on TOG!