Gameshelf: An Easy Way to Find Games in Your Gaming Group

We try to keep our posts to news, reviews, and interviews, but this one was just too cool not to mention. We're guessing a lot of you have a game group. But how do you easily figure out which games the people in your group own--and which game you should play? Well now there's a way...

There's a new Web-based tool at that lets you plug in usernames from Boardgamegeek, and it will pull your collection info into one handy place. "Does anyone own the new Machi Koro expansion yet?" Boom. You know. "We have 4 players, we're at Matt's house, and we need a filler. What would be a good choice?" Boom. Wonder no more. 

You can filter games by number of players, length, and genre. And it'll tell you who owns the game.

Of course, this only works if people in your game group enter their collection on the Geek. But why wouldn't you? It's incredibly useful! (I'm looking at you, James Davis...) 

Anyway, check it out. It's a neat little site. Thanks for reading!