Small World Gets Bigger

One of our favorite franchises here at Theology of Games is the Small World one. This light civ game has lots of variability and replayability--and it's just plain fun! And special powers. I LOVE SPECIAL POWERS! Days of Wonder has announced some new races and abilities, and some reprints of old favorites. 

First up is A Spider's Web, a new mini expansion with three races (Ice Witches, Skags, and Slingmen), and three powers (Copycat, Lava, and Soul Touch). Taking a look at those Ice Witches, apparently they take over new areas by poking out the eyes of their enemies when they're...distracted. The fun thing about this expansion is that the idea for the Skags (which should be familiar to anyone who's played the Borderlands video games) came from Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, who's apparently a Small World fan.  

Next up are some reprints: We'll see Leaders of Small World and Necromancer Island, again. While I (Firestone) never got to play with the Leaders, I did own Necromancer Island for a while, and thought it was mostly lame. 

Finally, we'll see Royal Bonus, again. This was another small expansion, but one that was only available to people who backed the digital version of Small World on Kickstarter. As you would imagine, the prices for this were going up, up, up. But with this announcement, they should come down, down, down again. Royal Bonus also comes with three races (Fauns, Igors, and Shrubmen), and three powers (Aquatic, Behemoth, and Fireball). 

A Spider's Web includes a plastic tray, and will retail for $15. Royal Bonus will retail for $12. And both Leaders and Necromancer will retail for $6. They'll all be available this Fall. 

What's your favorite Small World race and/or special power? Let us know in the comments. And thanks for reading!