Breaking News: New Doubleclicks, and Fluxx!

Well, things have been a little, ok a lot crazy around here for the past few weeks. I (Jeremiah) had an emergency appendectomy, and spent the better part of about 7-10 on the couch -I don't really remember how long it was... And Scott has spent the last several days out of town. But amidst all of the craziness, we got a spiffy little email from our friends over at Looney Labs sharing with us some cool news!

First the game stuff- 

Looney Labs has announced the release of the newest Fluxx deck, Fluxx 5.0! It's the first major overhaul of the base game in six years, and features a few notable updates. First Andy Looney has decided to do away with Creepers in the base game, citing that the base game is a gateway into the Fluxx universe, and that they add just one more layer that might make it un-accessible  to new players. They could very well reappear in an expansion pack soon, but in the meantime hold onto your 4.0 decks if you love those Creepers! All in all there are 17 cards that have been changed, including some cards that have been retired from the game. (I did get a copy of the new Fluxx, I'll let you know which ones are gone in my review coming up soon!)

Also, Looney Labs is releasing the latest flavor of Fluxx: Holiday Fluxx! Lots of Christmas Tree, Jack-o-lanterny fun is sure to be packed in this one -again there's a review coming here on TOG soon!

And last but certainly not least! The geeky singer songewriter duo known as the Doubleclicks have immortalized the Fluxx franchise in their latest offering this spiffy little toe-tapper "Fluxx Theme Song", and it JUST went live on YouTube, like right now! You can check it out below!

So, what do you think? Are you picking up any of the new Fluxx decks? 

Let us know in the comments below!