Weekly Wonder--What Game Fired Another Game?

Have you ever had this happen? There's a game that you like--maybe even really like. MAYBE EVEN LOVE. And then you play something else, and as you're playing it dawns on you: "I never need to play Game X again." Well tell us about it!

This happened to me (Firestone) recently. I think. I had a chance to play Caverna for the first time. If you've played Agricola, you'll know just how to play Caverna. That's not to say they're the same game...but they're very similar. 

So I'm sitting there playing and thinking, Crap...I think this just fired Agricola. Now, I love Agricola. And I'm not sure Caverna has actually fired Agricola. As I said, they're different, but similar. Do I need them both? Will one be easier to teach to my kids once they're older? Which one will be easier? If the easier one is Caverna, then there's a good chance I don't need the 'Gric. But I'm not even sure which one is easier! See my dilemma?! Also, I just impulse-bought Caverna when I saw a great price on it. So maybe this whole post is just me trying to convince myself it was a good buy! 

This has happened at least one other time. Once I played Reiner Knizia's Strozzi, I knew I never needed to play Reiner Knizia's Medici. I know some people will disagree with me on that, but I can't imagine what Medici does that Strozzi doesn't do better. 

So how about you? What game(s) have you played that fired other ones? Let us know in the comments. And have a great weekend!