Quiver Gaming Gear Play Mats--Now Even Cheaper!

A few weeks ago we reviewed these play mats from Quiver Gaming Gear. You can read that review by clicking RIGHT HERE *Spoiler Alert* We really like them!

Typically we don't give a whole lot of follow up on a Kickstarter campaign until the product hits the shelves, and we get to take a look at it in all its finished ready-for-retail glory.

But we got an email from Quiver Gaming Gear Head Dude, Kevin Kerkhof, with some news about the campaign we thought everyone should know about, so here we go!

We'll try to condense all the info down and get to what really matters... You're going to save some money if you back the campaign! 

There was, WAS, a stretch goal to unlock a custom-made box for your mat, but with the cost of production, assembly, and shipping it just wasn't going to work out well in the long run, and it didn't look like the goal was going to be unlocked anyway. Some of the price of all that went into this box was included in the original pledge levels for the mats ($85, $89, and $109). Well, by 86ing the custom boxes (which probably weren't getting unlocked anyway) production and shipping costs per mat dropped significantly.

Now, no one would have been the wiser if Quiver would have said, "Tough luck, the boxes didn't get unlocked, but hey, you still get your sweet mats!", and pocketed the extra cash per mat. Instead, Quiver is passing on the savings to their backers! How much of a savings? How about $20 on each mat!?! That's right: All the pledge levels on the mats have dropped two full sawbucks!

This brings the price ranges down to $65-$89! They will go up if you buy them retail after-the-fact, but this deal is pretty awesome!! You can CLICK HERE to check out the campaign and the updates tab will explain the price change much better than we just did...

So what do you think!? Does this price drop push you off the fence on these? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Sound off in the comments!