Weekly Wonder-- Do you play solitaire games?

"All by myself... Don't wanna be, all by myself, anymore!"

- Celine Dion

Well, it happens every so often, I got sick. So, there goes my gaming plans right out the window. Last night, I laid like a lump on the couch last night slipping in and out of consciousness, feeling sorry for myself -because I REALLY wanted to play Keyflower! But, I began to wonder: are there any games in my collection that are worth playing the one-player variant?

So, I ask you... Is there a game you are more than happy to sit and play all by yourself?

There's a wide array of games that include a single player variant, from your most basic dice roller, to ultra heavy weight games like Mage Knight! 

So, sound off! Which ones hit the table when you're flying solo?

Thanks as always for reading, and we'll be back next week with a whole bunch of all things TOG!