GenCon: The Aftermath--Part 2

Well last week was installment number 1 of my (Jeremiah) recap of GenCon, and 1 post just won't do. So here's number 2! Let's go!

Today we're going to take a look at some publishers that were peddling their wares at the con, and what they had to offer, and why I think you should check them out! 

Mr. B Games

We met up with Mr. B back at Origins while Alien Uprising was still just a prototype. Well now it's in its full retail splendor! And it looks GREAT. If you're a co-op player, you should check this one out. There are plenty of "quarterback"-eliminating mechanics built in, along with a great story and setting. I'll be reviewing this one soon, as well as Mr. B's Spurs!! I also spoke with Mr. B, and he's got big plans in the future for the "draw bag" mechanism that's featured in Spurs. Look for it to show up in games in the fantasy and zombie genres! 

Check out Mr. B Games by clicking right here! They also have another game on Kickstarter RIGHT NOW!

Game Salute

Game Salute's booth was a great presence in the midst of the con. Featuring plenty of really solid titles, many of which are becoming favorites in my collection (Fantasy Frontier and Keyflower) and others I'm hoping to add to my collection really soon! (Princes of the Dragon Throne and Alien Frontiers, just to name a few!) The booth was a cornucopia of games, in just about every genre you could want to explore. And they gave away free dice and bottled water, which was a really nice touch! Thanks guys! You can take a look at all things Game Salute right here!

Greenbrier Games

By the time I made it to the back of the hall on my second day I had just a few moments to get a peek at the finished version of Ninja Dice. Not only does Ninja Dice look slick, but the rest of the Greenbrier lineup is pretty sharp! These guys are putting together quality games, including the upcoming Yashima!, a cool-looking tactical battle game set in feudal Japan. You can check it out and download PnP files by clicking right here!

The Flux Capacity

The guys from Flux Capacity were there in full force! Khrysos, Zombie Island, Gone Viking and Give It to the King were all there to play, and available to purchase! We previewed Gone Viking (and really liked it) a few months ago, and it was great to see all of these games that were Kickstarted out on the exhibit hall floor! The Flux Capacity is delivering on all of their campaigns, and you should totally go check them out: Right here!!

That's going to wrap up another recap of GenCon; stay tuned for my final thoughts coming soon! And we're still working away at our GenCon podcast episode, too! 

Oh...and we've got three, count them three(!) awesome contests coming in the VERY near future! 

Thanks, as always, for reading. Did you stop by any of these booths? What did you think? What did you buy?? Let us know below in the comments!!!