Kickstarter Weekly - August 21, 2014

Well, the GenCon dust is settling, and we're working on bringing you a recap of all things GenCon-ish. In the meantime let's take a quick look at some awesome campaigns that have been launched during/around the time of the biggest Con in North America!

Featured Campaign!

Dead Men Tell No Tales - Minion Games

Well it's no surprise that a pirate game made its way onto Kickstarter, and subsequently into our little Kickstarter roundup... But what you will find surprising about this one, is that it's not all about being a cutthroat, swashbuckler trying to hijack your opponents and sink their ships and all that usual pirate fare you'll see in a pirate game. Dead Men Tell No Tales is a co-op game in which players team up to steal treasure from a besieged ship that is on fire. It's a fun and unique spin on both the pirate, and co-op genre, and definitely worth taking a look!

  • Title - Dead Men Tell No Tales

  • Campaign ends - Sept. 15, 2014

  • Pledge for base game - $39

  • Find it here!

Lift Off! - Eduardo Baraf

A lightweight semi-cooperative game in which players are trying to save their race of aliens from a planet that is about to explode! Lift Off! features some great artwork, a cool modular board that changes every game, and some nice stretch goals (but you're going to have to back this quick if those are to be unlocked!). Ed Baraf has been a video game designer for his whole career and is delving into his first full blown board game with this one; you should take a look!

  • Title - Lift Off! Get Me Off This Planet

  • Campaign ends - Aug. 28, 2014

  • Pledge for base game - $39

  • Find it here!

The Pirate Deck - Jared Bond

Oh look... Another pirate game... This quick filler pits players against each other as you raid a pirate ship that is made of 5 cards featuring partial coin icons. As players place cards to complete coin icons they score treasure. Meanwhile your opponents are attempting to foil your plans and make off with the treasure! This is a lightweight card game that's definitely family friendly game. 

  • Title - The Pirate Deck

  • Campaign ends - Sept. 24, 2014

  • Pledge for base game - $15

  • Find it here!

Alrighty, we're getting back to finishing up our Gen Con coverage, so stay tuned for that, and let us know what you're backing out there on Kickstarter!!