The Two Winners of a Quiver Gaming Mat Are...

This was one of our fastest--and favoritest (?)--contests we've ever had! Kevin Kerkhof from Quiver Gaming Gear offered two of our readers a chance to win a Quiver Gaming Mat. Are you one of the fortunate ones...? 

You are if your name is: Ryan Baker (@jryanbaker) or Jonathan F. Sullivan (@sullijo)!

A BIG thanks go out to Quiver Gaming Gear. Their campaign is over now, but you can still stay in contact, and order one of these sweet mats when they're readily available.

Thanks so much for entering. We appreciate you subscribing--even if it was just for the contest. ;) But fear not: We've got more contests on the way. So stay subscribed! And we'll bring you news, reviews, and interviews every day. Thanks for reading!