Star Wars and Descent are Having a Baby!

So much news coming out of GenCon. We talked about Star Wars: Armada last week. And today we have more news from Fantasy Flight. They've announced Star Wars: Imperial Assault, a miniatures game based on the Descent system. 

The game will have two modes: a campaign game where up to five people play a series of missions in a "narrative campaign"--with one of those people playing as the Empire. Or a 2-player skirmish mode that pits the Rebels against the Empire. 

From the press release:

"Imperial Assault’s campaign game offers you and your friends a narrative campaign with over thirty possible missions. Every mission in Imperial Assault is constructed using some of over fifty double-sided interlocking map tiles, depicting a massive range of Star Wars environments, from the jungles of Yavin 4, to the dusty wastes of Tatooine, to the metallic corridors of an Imperial base…You can move, attack with melee or ranged attacks, open doors, investigate crates for useful items, or rest to recover strain and damage…When playing the Rebels, you and your fellow heroes must coordinate your actions and work as a team to defeat the superior numbers of the Imperial player, scorching the air with blaster fire as you strive to complete the mission’s objective. The heroes must move quickly, however, because the Empire’s reserves are limitless. When you play as an Imperial player, every round increases your threat dial. Threat can be spent to replenish squads and summon reinforcements, bringing you closer to crushing the Rebel strike team beneath your armed forces…During a campaign mission, only the Imperial player has access to all of the mission’s information, meaning the heroes never know exactly what traps may await. The Droid you’re looking for may be behind a door, but you don’t know if it’s unguarded, or if you’ll see the ominous figure of Darth Vader when you open the door.

As an added bonus, the Luke Skywalker and the Datrh Vader Villain Pack are both included in the Imperial Assault Core Set. Each pack contains a sculpted plastic figure, alongside an additional campaign side mission and two new skirmish missions using a common map. Together, these two figure packs give you a total of 32 campaign missions and six skirmish missions within Imperial Assault."

So what's the downside?! Well, aside from this being yet another Fantasy Flight game just ripe with expansion possibilities to wreck my wallet, the Core Set will apparently retail for $100. Also, it won't be out until early next year. Also, I have to decide if I'm going to dive into this, too. 

What are your thoughts? Excited? Sticking with Descent? Hate Star Wars? THEN YOU SHOULD JUST LEAVE. 

Just kidding. Thanks for reading!