Kickstarter Weekly - August 1, 2014

It's hard to believe that July has already come and gone. And the arrival of August means the imminent approach of the flagship event in gaming: GenCon! But before we turn our sights towards this gigantic gathering of gamers, there are a TON of great campaigns on Kickstarter looking to make a place into your game collection! Let's do this!


Featured Campaign!

Fidelitas - Green Couch Games

This is it! It's finally happening! Jason Kotarski, a good friend of the blog, is launching his first Kickstarter under the brand Green Couch Games! And it's a doozy! Fidelitas is a fun, lightweight filler of hidden agendas. It's well balanced and looks great! Just check out that image! You can read our review of Fidelitas, right here! The price point makes this one even more accessible. It's a no-brainer folks; go back this game! 

  • Title - Fidelitas

  • Campaign ends - Aug. 30, 2014

  • Pledge for base game - $19

  • Find it here!

Dead Man's Draw - Mayday Games

dead man.jpg

Well, we've seen it about 78 times... A board game becomes wildly--if not moderately--popular, and the publisher teams up with a mobile app developer and creates a mobile version of the game so everyone can play it on the go. Well Mayday has taken that idea and flipped it upside down and reversed it. Dead Man's Draw, along with the help of Stardock Entertainment, is going from a mobile app to the tabletop!

  • Title - Dead Man's Draw

  • Campaign ends - Aug. 27, 2014

  • Pledge for base game - $20

  • Find it here!

Wanted: The Outlaws - Bibelot Games

A card and dice game that claims to be for EVERYONE! Wanted: The Outlaws features some really nice-looking laser-etched components. The premise is that you build a town, hire characters, and do jobs. The game plays fast and supports 1-4 players, who are all trying to gain the most "rep" in order to be the baddest outlaw in the land. 

  • Title - Wanted: The Outlaws

  • Campaign ends - Aug. 20, 2014

  • Pledge for base game - $36

  • Find it here!

Asking for Trobils - Christian Strain

We took a look at this one a while back on KSW, and since then the publishers have decided to cancel and now relaunch this otherworldly worker-placement game. We'll be chatting with Christian Strain about the history and process to get Trobils back up on Kickstarter, but for now, know that the game still looks really cool and interesting--and very, very, orange--and we think it's worth a look!

  • Title - Asking for Trobils

  • Campaign ends - Sept, 2 2014

  • Pledge for base game - $42

  • Find it here!

Thanks so much for reading. And stay tuned as we have a TON of new reviews coming your way, as well as some great interviews, and plenty of juicy news bits for you, too! Oh, and a contest or two as well!!