Another Legacy Game: Pandemic Legacy!

Rob Daviau has been busy. He had great success with Risk: Legacy. He's been working on a new, original Legacy game: Seafall. And now he's announced a collaboration with designer Matt Leacock to bring us Pandemic: Legacy. 

The Legacy games are ones where you play a campaign sort of game over multiple sessions--ideally with the same group of people. As you play the game you permanently change the game. So in Risk: Legacy, for instance, you get a choice of two starting special powers for your race. You choose one and rip up the other one. Not put it away, but RIP IT UP. Some countries don't have a name at the beginning of the game, but players might get a chance to name a country, and you WRITE IT RIGHT ONTO THE BOARD. And there are powers that might come into play based on how the entire game plays out. No two groups' Legacy games will be the same. It's fun!

There are few details about this one--other than it will be published by Z-Man Games at some point in the future. Here's the short teaser from Z-Man:

"One year. One team. One hope.

Pandemic Legacy starts what will be one of the worst years in human history. Whether it is the worst year is up to the players, who must band together to save the world. Unlike Pandemic, actions taken in one game will affect all future games. Characters will change. Some may be lost. Heroes will emerge. And, of course, there are the diseases, which start under control but soon... Can you save humanity? So much more to come about Pandemic Legacy, will you be ready?"

We're super excited about this. Howzabout you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! And thanks for reading!