Let Freedom Ring--and A Weekly Wonder!

We'd like to take a minute or two to pause and reflect on this great nation in which we live. Because of the bravery of our founding fathers, 56 men signed a document that would declare this nation independent. And countless men and women have continually fought and sacrificed for freedom and liberty, so that two guys who live in two different states have the freedom to sit down and write about games and God. It's a freedom--among MANY others--that sometimes we take for granted.

So with that, we want to say thank you to our friends, and family members who have served this country, to protect freedom everywhere. While we all enjoy a day off, grilling out, igniting small explosive devices, and maaaaybe even getting a game or two in, let us bear in mind that this day means something more to others in our country.

So, speaking of gatherings, grilling out, and explosives, the 4th of July isn't typically a day in which gamers sit down inside and pull out their favorite games. Nor does the picnic table make for a great place to bust out large games like Tzolk'in. So our Weekly Wonder is this: What are some of your favorite games to pull out for an outdoor/picnic setting?

Thanks so much for reading, have a happy and safe Independence Day! And don't forget to sign up for our email list to enter our Blogiversary Contest!