Our Final Group of Winners!

Well, it's been a fun month of giving away stuff and celebrating our two years of blogging fun! But this is it, our final day of blogiversary celebration!

Today we're announcing the final eight winners who will randomly receive one of our awesome prizes


  • Rarrr! From Ape Games
  • Matt Goceng from Manikmaya Games
  • oddball Aeronauts from Maverick Muse
  • Fill the Barn from Hoopcat Games
  • A copy of Regular Show Fluxx with Promos from Looney Labs Games
  • An Uncut Sheet of Cartoon Network Fluxx signed by Andy Looney also from Looney Lab Games
  • A Regular Show Fluxx Coin again, from Looney Labs
  • A copy of Loonacy with the TableTop Day promo pack. Yep, that's from Looney Labs too.
  • One of many Mystical Bags of Holding, from the legendary Nerd Room of Jeremiah!

Here's the list of the lucky winners who should be watching their mailboxes!

Scot Ryder, Edward Kabara, Ryan Redman, Alden Sheoneberg, Varun Joshi, Scott Rieck and Silica Ovidiu - Catalin!

Congrats to all our winner!!

We'd also be remiss if we didn't give a final thank you to the kind folks who provided these awesome prizes. Please check them out and all of their titles: Ape Games, Manikmaya Games, Maverick Muse, Hoopcat Games, and of course Looney Labs!

And of course, we'd like to thank all of you, our readers, for, well, reading...