Who Won Some Games Today!?

Well it's getting crazy up in here! And today we've got two more winners to announce! That's right, the slots are getting filled quickly, so you should go sign up right now if you still want in on this great set of prizes!!

So...who won today?!

A big congratulations goes out to:

Spencer Williams and Scott Morris! Stay tuned, gentlemen as we will ship out all the prizes at the end of the week!

You can STILL enter to win one of the following:

  • Rarrr! From Ape Games
  • Matt Goceng from Manikmaya Games
  • oddball Aeronauts from Maverick Muse
  • Fill the Barn from Hoopcat Games
  • A copy of Regular Show Fluxx with Promos from Looney Labs Games
  • An Uncut Sheet of Cartoon Network Fluxx signed by Andy Looney also from Looney Lab Games
  • A Regular Show Fluxx Coin again, from Looney Labs
  • A copy of Loonacy with the TableTop Day promo pack. Yep, that's from Looney Labs too.
  • One of many Mystical Bags of Holding, from the legendary Nerd Room of Jeremiah!

So don't wait; sign up RIGHT NOW! Just subscribe to our email list, and get an extra entry by tweeting: Win free stuff all month long from @TheologyofGames#blogiversary http://bit.ly/1mgShLj

Come back tomorrow for more winners!! And more!