It's Your Last Chance!!

Well, happy Monday everyone! And welcome to the LAST week of July. The end of July and beginning of August means many things: a new school year is right around the corner, GenCon looms ever closer, and, of course, the end of our Blogiversary contest!

But never fear! While we've selected six winners, there are still eight--8!--more names still to be drawn! Once all the winners have been selected, we'll randomly assign the winners one of our awesome prizes. So, yes, all of the prizes are still on the table!!

So, here's another quick look at what you can win!

  • Rarrr! From Ape Games
  • Matt Goceng from Manikmaya Games
  • oddball Aeronauts from Maverick Muse
  • Fill the Barn from Hoopcat Games
  • A copy of Regular Show Fluxx with Promos from Looney Labs Games
  • An Uncut Sheet of Cartoon Network Fluxx signed by Andy Looney also from Looney Lab Games
  • A Regular Show Fluxx Coin again, from Looney Labs
  • A copy of Loonacy with the TableTop Day promo pack. Yep, that's from Looney Labs too.
  • One of many Mystical Bags of Holding, from the legendary Nerd Room of Jeremiah!

How can you enter to win one of these spectacular prizes?! It's super easy: Just sign up for our email list down below, or over on the right, and not only will you be entered into the Blogiversary contest, you'll be entered into every future contest we hold as well! If you want an extra entry just make sure you follow us on Twitter, and tweet the following: "Win free stuff all month long from @TheologyofGames#blogiversary"

We've had a ton of fun with this contest so far, and can't thank you all enough for joining in on the fun with us!