Moar Winners!! The Blogiversary Contest Continues!

TOG Blogiversary.jpg

We like to think that every time we write a post announcing the latest winners, it's like those scenes in Willy Wonka, when people gathered around their television sets brimming with envy at the winners, and filled with despair that they are one step closer to missing out on the greatest prizes ever. So, please, let us just keep thinking that!

Anyway, we've pulled two more names, which leaves eight more prizes available! There's still time to get in so don't forget to sign up and spread the word!

Today's lucky winners are-

Keith Schleicher 


Dave Ferguson

Huzzah for Keith and Dave!!

Our prizes are going out in the mail next week, when we randomly select each of winners to receive one of the following awesome prizes!

  • Rarrr! From Ape Games
  • Matt Goceng from Manikmaya Games
  • oddball Aeronauts from Maverick Muse
  • Fill the Barn from Hoopcat Games
  • A copy of Regular Show Fluxx with Promos from Looney Labs Games
  • An Uncut Sheet of Cartoon Network Fluxx signed by Andy Looney also from Looney Lab Games
  • A Regular Show Fluxx Coin again, from Looney Labs
  • A copy of Loonacy with the TableTop Day promo pack. Yep, that's from Looney Labs too.
  • One of many Mystical Bags of Holding, from the legendary Nerd Room of Jeremiah!

Yeah. that's a lot of prizes!!! So sign up by joining our mailing list down below or over on the right. AND you can get an extra entry into the contest by tweeting the following "Win free stuff all month long from @TheologyofGames#blogiversary"

Thanks to everyone who has entered already, and the awesome folks who have supplied us with these great prizes! 

Stay tuned for next week's barrage of winners!!