Woo-Hoo! The Resistance is Expanding!

So, I know we typically hold off on reporting on Kickstarter campaigns until our Kickstarter Weekly piece comes out late in the week, but this is the Resistance! 

If you haven't noticed, we both really like the Resistance. A lot. And while some folks will argue the merits of the science fiction version versus the Avalon version, with its extra roles and variants, it's safe to say that the more options you have to mix things up, the better. There's a ton of replay in the base game, but as you twist the mechanics, the meta game changes with those new strategies.

Anyway... Indie Boards & Cards have launched a Kickstarter campaign for not one, but TWO expansions for the social-deduction game, each giving multiple modules to add in, combine, etc. to refresh the classic base game. These are all in the science fiction version of the game--not the Avalon set. Here's a quick breakdown of each expansion:

Hostile Intent Expansion -

Hunter Module - This looks to be similar to the Assassin rule in Avalon, but this time each team will have to identify a Leader/Merlin type character in order to win.

Reverser Moduler - The Reverser role will have the power to CHANGE THE OUTCOME OF A MISSION! WHUT? We're not sure how this mechanic will work, but it sounds dangerous at best!

Inquisitor Module - This role/module will allow an Inquisitor to sneak a peek at another player's character card. 

Hidden Agenda Expansion -

Assassin Module - Folks have apparently been clamoring for this role to be introduced into the original theme of the Resistance ever since Avalon was introduced. Well. Now you have it.

Defector Module - The Defector again was introduced in an Avalon promo, and this version features two variants in one module. A Defector can switch allegiances during the game, BUT with the second variant, the two Defectors will know who they are from the beginning! Did things get all suspicious up in here?

Trapper Module - This one is really intriguing. There is an extra person added to each mission who will NOT participate in the mission. Again we're unsure of the mechanics of this, but the leader will isolate that person and "watch their every move" making sure they can't make the mission fail. So it will boil down to spies possibly outing themselves, and members of the Resistance approving a team with spies on it and trusting the leader. Sounds like an uber meta game to me!

There are also two Kickstarter-exclusive promo modules included if you get in on the campaign. and back it - like I just did!

Rogue Agent Module and the Sergeant Module; if you want to find out more about those CLICK HERE to go to the campaign page and check 'em out! 

Both expansions shipped to your U.S. door will only cost you $20, so it's worth jumping in on this one right away!

Well there you have it! More Resistance coming your way!

Are you backing this? Do you like the idea of more variants being thrown in? What are your favorite Avalon variants? Sound off below! And thanks for reading!