Our First Batch of Winners! Is It You?

July is our blog's anniversary, and we like to have some fun giveaways. So everyone who's subscribed to the blog, and everyone who tweeted "Win free stuff all month long from @TheologyofGames#blogiversary http://bit.ly/1mgShLj" was entered. The first two winners are...

Christopher Mayfield and Benjamin Kanelos! Now one of you is getting a game, and the other one is getting some game stuff from Jeremiah's Nerd Room. What is it? Well you'll just have to wait and see. We're not going to tell you what you won, or whos' getting what. Post pics of what you get--either on Instagram or Twitter--and tag us in the pic. We'll contact you to get your addresses. 


We'll be doing more giveaways all month long. Our next one will be later this week! Thanks for reading. We truly appreciate everyone who takes the time to read the goofy words we write.