Great News for Fans of Twilight Struggle


Quick quiz. What's the #1 game on Boardgamegeek? Puerto Rico? Nope. Agricola? Huh-uh. It's Twilight Struggle--a card-driven, area-control wargame about the Cold War from GMT Games. And it's finally getting a digital edition. And Playdek's doing it. 

Yeah, the same Playdek behind the iOS versions of Agricola and Lords of Waterdeep. They're really good at digital games. 

GMT Games has tried for years to create a digital version of this hit game, but it's gone nowhere. But now that they've partnered with Playdek, they're ready to roll, and on Kickstarter. Their goal was $50,000, and a couple of days into the campaign they're sitting at over $165,000 (as I type this). 

There are various levels to the campaign. $10 gets you a copy of the game on Android. $15 gets you an iOS version. And $75 gets you digital and physical version of the game. They're even working on PS4 and Xbox One versions. This is going to be a big deal. 

What's that? You're not familiar with Twilight Struggle? Well, as I said, it's about the Cold War. One player takes the role of the US, and the other player is the USSR. There's a common deck that both sides draw cards from. Each card can be used in various ways--to increase your influence in an area, or decrease your opponent's influence there. Each card also has an Event on it, and depending on the Event, you might be forced to play it, even if it helps your opponent. But there are ways to keep that Event from happening. Throughout the game you'll find Scoring cards, and you can somewhat affect when those come out--so it's most advantageous to you. You're trying to exert influence in countries, so that when the scoring cards come out, you score the most VPs. There's a lot more to it--I haven't even mentioned the Space Race! Despite all of these things going on, it's actually a very approachable game, and a good introduction to card-driven wargames. It's a neat design, and I'm really excited about this digital edition. So head on over to the campaign and check it out! 

Thanks for reading!