Details About Richard Garfield's King of New York Game


Richard Garfield, the genius behind Netrunner and that little game Magic: The Gathering is coming out with a sequel to his hit game King of Tokyo. King of New York has been mentioned before, but we've finally got some details. Read on!

King of New York is a standalone game where, just as with King of Tokyo, you're trying to accumulate 20 VPs or be the last living beastie. Now you can also gain Fame, which nets you VPs, but is fleeting. We have no idea what that means in actual game terms. You can also smash buildings now, but be careful, as that will cause the military to target you. Again, no idea what that means in game terms. But I don't care! I'm super excited for this!

The monsters from KoT can be used in KoNY--and vice versa. But the cards are unique to each game. Based on some of the icons on the sample cards, the dice will have at least one new face on them. 

One thing I hope IELLO does is to add Evolution cards to the game from the get-go. Much as we love King of Tokyo, the Evolution cards introduced in the Power Up expansion make it a MUCH BETTER game. I hope the don't go the route of trying to bleed us for more $ by having an essential expansion released later. 


According to IELLO, there will be "a few hundred copies" available at GenCon, with the game releasing to the rest of us in September. 

King of Tokyo has been a BIG hit in both of our households. Our kids love beating the monster snot out of us. So King of New York is an insta-buy for us. What about you? Are you excited for this? Ho-hum? Let us know in the comments. And thanks for reading!