Kickstarter Weekly - June 26, 2014

Another week is quickly closing here at TOG--and, well everywhere I guess--and Kickstarter has all but exploded with some pretty exciting titles from some of our favorite publishers, so quit the gabbing and jump into this thing!!!

Featured Campaign!

Treasure Chest: Realistic Tokens for Board Games - Stonemaier Games

This campaign is exactly what you think it is! It's a box full of amazingly sweet bits for your games! This thing is packed full of ultra-high-quality game pieces--it comes with six different types: real metal gold bars and ore chunks; and resin cast bricks, wood, stone and gems. Obviously these are going to work great with Stonemaier's latest release Euphoria, but there is also a list of games that you can drop these tokens into and enhance your experience. If there's anything we've learned over the past year, it's that Stonemaier knows how to over-deliver on their campaigns, so there won't be any disappointments here!

  • Title - Treasure Chest: Realistic Tokens for Board Games

  • Campaign Ends - July 9, 2014

  • Base Pledge - $33

  • Find it here!

Yardmaster Express - Crash Games

Hot on the heels of the Yardmaster Campaign, Crash Games is back at it with Yardmaster Express. This sequel to the first game is a micro game that has players riding the rails and rolling freight. In a sea of rail-based games this one, like its predecessor, stands out thanks to its stylized design and game play. The campaign has a very approachable price point, and if you've backed Yardmaster it's even more approachable!  

  • Title - Yardmaster Express

  • Campaign ends - July 24, 2014

  • Pledge for base game - $9, $7 for Yardmaster backers!

  • Find it here!

Historia - Mage Company

Up to six players will compete--unless you're playing in solitaire mode--as different civilizations progressing through a timeline that begins in a very primitive time through the modern age--where the game ends. You get to choose actions that will alter the course of your civilization, you can choose to develop your military might and become an oppressive civilization, or you can take a more peaceful path. Mage Company is really making their mark in the world of Kickstarter, and have already smashed their funding goal with Historia, so every pledge from here on out is going to help knock off more stretch goals!

  • Title - Historia

  • Campaign ends - July 17, 2014

  • Pledge for base game - $60 + shipping

  • Find it here!


Shogun Showdown - Sean Howard

A mix between Hearts and Maximum Throwdown, Shogun Showdown is a hybrid trick-taking and dexterity card-throwing game. Players win temple cards and shuriken cards during the hand, and one player builds a temple out of the temple cards, while other players fling their shurikens at it in an attempt to tear it down. They've already unlocked a handful of stretch goals, including a rules variant, and are on the verge of unlocking one more!

  • Title - Shogun Showdown

  • Campaign ends - June 27, 2014 HURRY!

  • Pledge for base game - $16

  • Find it here!

We know we've probably missed some sweet campaigns out there, so please keep those comments and emails coming to us! We love all the notes we get letting us know about campaigns that are running. If you keep it up, we're going to have to expand KS Weekly!

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