Blogiversary 2 - Let's Celebrate!


Well it's hard to believe, but today we're celebrating our second Blogiversary! And that means gifts!

That's right, two years ago today we started this little thing we call Theology of Games with a review of the classic tile-placement game Carcassonne. We've come a long way since then, posting 105 reviews, along with countless news articles, interviews with some of the top voices in the gaming industry, and, of course, our Kickstarter Weekly coverage. On top of that we've started our Podcast, and our YouTube Channel in an effort to increase both the quality and quantity of our coverage of this great hobby we do so enjoy!

But one of the things we enjoy the most here at TOG is the opportunity to give back to you, our loyal readers! We've had many contests over the past 2 years, and to celebrate our second blogiversary we've got--what we think will be--the most fun contest we've ever done!


So what is this contest we're so excited about?! Well we have some awesome prizes to give away this month including:

  • RARRR!--the newest release from Ape Games!
  • oddball Aeronauts--from Maverick Muse, one of our favorite games to hit Kickstarter this past year!
  • Fill the Barn--a fun family board game from HoopCat Games!
  • Mat Goceng--a hidden-identity, card-battle game from Manikmaya Games in Indonesia!

But that's not all! We'll be drawing 10 lucky winners throughout the month of July, and each winner will receive one randomly selected prize. "But aren't there only four prizes listed?" Yes, there are. The other lucky winners will receive what we like to call a Mystical Bag of Holding. (It'll be a box-shaped bag, but you get the idea.) What will be in it? That's an excellent question! We're not sure yet! What we can tell you is that it will be full of "goodies" from Jeremiah's fabled "Nerd Room"; it could be a whole bunch of Young Jedi, or a sweet collection of commons from the Star Trek CCG. The possibilities are endless! (And of dubious value...)

So what will you win? Only time will tell!

How do you win?

Simple! Sign up for our email list! You can do that just below here. Anyone who is on the list is already entered! Want an extra entry? Tweet this! "Win free stuff all month long from @TheologyofGames#blogiversary" 

We want to thank you for reading our little blog these past two years, and hope you enjoy the contest! Stay tuned for the dates of our drawings, and get tweeting! 

Jeremiah and Firestone

Theology of Games