A New Mystery Rummy Game from Mike Fitzgerald--Plus Reprints of the Old Games!


One of the first games I played when I got into this hobby was Mike Fitzgerald's Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper. The Mystery Rummy games are a series of card games that take the standard rummy game and give it a new twist. They're great games, and a terrific choice for nongamers and new gamers. They've been out-of-print for a few years...until now. But the news is even better! There's a new game!

The new game is called Escape From Alcatraz, and it changes things up by having two decks: The Plans Deck and the Action Deck. You'll be trying to foil escapes, and get rid of the cards in your hand. 

The campaign ends in three short days, so you might want to give it a look. Eagle Games is also bringing back the first four games, which you can add on to your pledge at reduced prices. 

Thanks for reading! If you've played the Mystery Rummy games, which one's your favorite?