We Went to Origins 2014 - Part 2

As we shared yesterday, I (Jeremiah) went to Origins last Friday and got to catch up with some of the movers and shakers in the gaming industry! Today we'll continue with my thoughts and recap of the con! So, with that... Let's keep it moving!


Robert Dougherty - White Wizard Games

Most Magic the Gathering players might recognize Robert: He's a Pro Tour champion and hall of famer! More recently Robert has been developing Star Realms and is the CEO of White Wizard Games. We got to catch up with Robert and chat about Star Realms, White Wizards' flagship game, and the future of the company.

Stephen Buonocore - Stronghold Games

Stronghold Games hit the scene in 2009 and five years later continues to hit conventions with a quickly growing lineup of titles. We had a chance to hear about the two latest to hit the market, with Stephen Buonocore, president and head honcho of Stronghold.

Sean Brown - Mr. B Games

We were fortunate enough to catch Mr. B himself, Sean Brown, in between demoing games and packing up copies of Spurs to send to Kickstarter backers on the loading dock of the Columbus Convention Center. We got to chat about Spurs--a Wild West board game--and the about-to-be-released Alien Uprising, aaaaand the almost-completed Kickstarter for Realm of Heroes. Mr. B has been busy as a... well, you know. 

Paul Imboden - Split Second Games

Split Second Games debuted their freshman offering Quicksilver at last years Origins, and were back to introduce it to convention goers this year, and demo their next endeavor, Paradox, a sci-fi puzzle game. Paradox will be showing up on Kickstarter later this summer.

Dan Hinkle - Battle Bunker Games

As we walked the exhibit hall floor, we spotted this nifty looking small-box game that sported some slick-looking battleships, so we stopped by Battle Bunker's booth and chatted with designer Dan Hinkle about Seas of Iron, a historical naval battle game that can be an easy, quick play or a more in-depth historically accurate dog fight on the open seas.

Well, that wraps up our video coverage of the con, I'll be back tomorrow with some of my thoughts on the con and things to look for that we simply didn't have time to catch on video! 

Thanks as always for reading, and for watching!