Theology of Games Went to Origins!--Part 1

Last week central Ohio saw thousands of gamers descend upon its convention center: Origins Game Fair once again brought the latest and greatest in new games, and gaming experiences! I (Jeremiah) was able to grab the good ol' video camera and head down for a fast and furious trip to Origins last Friday. Here's a look back at what I saw, and who I got a chance to catch up with!


Jason Kotarski - Game Designer, Podcaster and now Publisher!

Jason is probably best known for his first offering to the gaming world The Great Heartland Hauling Co. which was in our Top Ten Games of 2013 list. Since then he's been designing away and has decided to start his own indie publisher, Green Couch Games. Green Couch will focus on small-box, filler games and is going to launch a Kickstarter for their first game Fidelitas--a design of Jason's and Philip duBarry's--by the end of the summer. Stay tuned for our preview of that!

Chris Kirkman - Dice Hate Me Games

Chris is the driving force behind Dice Hate Me Games, which has assembled a great stable of Euro games with a great bunch of designers. Chris is also very hands-on with the graphic design of most of Dice Hate Me's games. Dice Hate Me's latest release, Belle of the Ball, will be hitting shelves in early September.

Michael Coe - Gamelyn Games

Last year when we caught up with Michael, Gamelyn was premiering Dungeon Heroes, a two-player, asymmetrical, lunch-time dungeon crawl. Since then Gamelyn has been expanding its catalog with several very successful Kickstarter campaigns. Gamelyn debuted Fantasy Frontier at Origins, and gave previews of Tiny Epic Kingdoms and Tiny Epic Defenders--hitting Kickstarter on June 19! 

Alan Gerding and Sean McCoy - Tuesday Knight Games

We had a chance to catch up with BOTH of the guys behind the much anticipated Two Rooms and a Boom! They gave us an update on the release of the game--their flagship title-- and a quick look at a few micro games the team has created.

Kevin Brusky - APE Games

APE Games spent the con showcasing their newest release Island Siege, and also previewing the successfully Kickstarted RARRR! We caught up with Kevin and got the lowdown on all things Ape Games. 

Thanks for reading and watching! Did you go to Origins? What was the highlight of the con for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Check back tomorrow as we conclude our coverage of the Origins Game Fair 2014!