WizKids Announces Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters


You heard me right! Well...you didn't hear me. You read me. You read me right! WizKids wants to keep whatever magic they have going with Marvel Dice Masters, so they're bringing us a new game in the Forgotten Realms universe, with Beholders, Drow, and Dragons. 

Mike Elliott and Eric M. Lang are back to design the thing, and WizKids is expecting this to drop in the 4th quarter of this year. 

There are a few questions that we don't yet have answers to. 

1) Will there be shortages like there are currently for Marvel Dice Masters? (Speaking of which, the next batch of that one is on a boat and heading to the US. Be patient.)

2) Will the two games be compatible? Wolverine vs. Drizzt, anyone? 

3) Will this be collectible, like Marvel Dice Masters? This is a biggie, and my hunch says yes. There's been a HUGE demand for Marvel Dice Masters so far. Why wouldn't WizKids continue on a proven, money-making path? Are there people who won't buy this if it's a collectible, random distribution? Yep. And I'm one of them. Does WizKids care? Nope. They can't hear my complaints over the sound of cash registers selling their Marvel game. 


(A humorous aside: I have zero desire to get into Marvel Dice Masters, thanks to the collectible nature of it. My FLGS had some $0.99 boosters, and for kicks I bought two of them. I managed to pull a super-rare Green Goblin that's going for over $40 on eBay. My friend bought an entire box of boosters and didn't get a single super-rare. He was...unhappy. And that's a perfect example of why I hate random distribution so much.)

So what are your thoughts? Excited? Apprehensive? Still not sure what to think since you have yet to play Marvel Dice Masters due to the fact that it's sold out? 

Stay tuned for more details as we get 'em! Thanks for reading!

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