Someone is Finally Suing Over an Undelivered Kickstarter

 Well, it had to happen sometime. We've seen plenty of Kickstarter campaigns that never fund, but we've also seen a few that have funded but never actually delivered the game. Until now, no one has done anything about the Kickstarter thieves...  

The Washington State Attorney has filed a lawsuit against Ed Nash and his company, Altius Management. Nash and his company raised $25,000 for a card game called Asylum, which was supposed to deliver in 2012. No one ever got the game, and there's been no communication since July of 2013. 

It's surprising that this is the first lawsuit we've seen on undelivered Kickstarter projects. In the past, backing games on the crowdfunding site has always seemed to be a bit of a gamble. With this move by Washington, it seems to be slightly less of a gamble. At the very least, this should make people think twice before deciding to just walk away with the money. 

What are your thoughts? Have the few thieves in the industry kept you from backing games? Would this move make you more likely to back a game in the future?