Weekly Wonder: Who's Your Favorite Designer?--Plus a Contest!


It's Friday. It's the last day of school here in Colorado where I (Firestone) am. So rather than a full-blown article, let's ask a question. I'm wondering...

Who's your favorite designer? 

Maybe it's changed over time. Or maybe your old favorite hasn't been as prolific as he/she once was, so someone else has swooped in and stolen your heart. Or maybe you've never wavered in your love. Tell us who your favorite designer is! And tell us what it is about his games that you love so much. 

Firestone: According to Boardgamegeek stats, I own more Reiner Knizia games than any other designer. (Which is interesting, because his out put has slowed WAY down in recent years.) I love Stefan Feld, and get very excited when I hear he's coming out with a new game (or three!). But I have to say that my favorite is still Wolfgang Kramer. For many years The Princes of Florence was my favorite game (until The Resistance knocked it off the throne). But a 5-player game of The Princes of Florence is still a sublime experience. Plus I love the "Mask"/Action-Point games. And El Grande. And El Caballero. And Cavum. And Maharaja. And Die Handler. There have been a few I haven't liked so much, but the highs are just so high. Plus, he's got the word WOLF right in his name! 


Jeremiah: I don't know that I have a clear-cut favorite, but when I think of games that have changed the way I look at gaming--or that have changed the gaming industry in a way I feel is for the better--Eric Lang comes to mind. This guy has done countless games, but has changed dice games forever with his work on Quarriors--which I LOVE! Donald X. Vaccarino changed card games forever with Dominion, which is a great title, and then came back and won the Spiel des Jahres with Kingdom Builder, which is a favorite of mine to play with my wife. And then there are some up-and-comers that I'm keeping my eyes on who have impressed me as of late, Jason Kotarski, Alan Gerding, Robert Burke, and Jamey Stegmaier have all put out AWESOME titles in the last 12 months, so look out for those guys!

So who's your favorite designer, and why? 

Oh, and the contest? We're giving away a copy of the 2-player game Island Siege, thanks to the awesome folks at APE Games. To be eligible, you just have to be subscribed to the blog. And if you're not signed up yet, there's a handy sign-up...thingy...below. Have an awesome weekend!