Fantasy Flight Games Announces a Campaign Book for Descent

Fantasy Flight Games has announced Heirs of Blood, a campaign book of brand-new encounters for the Decent 2nd Edition game system. 

The book features 32 new encounters, and centers around a story of protecting the true heir of Seradyn from the evil machinations of the vampire Lady Eliza Farrow. 

From the announcement: "In the first act, you and your fellow heroes must foil Eliza’s initial incursions into the hidden kingdom. You may battle goblins to retrieve treasure from a hidden cavern, or attempt to keep Eliza Farrow from completing an unclean ritual. When the second act begins, Saradyn is launched into open war against the dark forces and machinations of the Farrows. You may battle a rival army amid a graveyard filled with undead or seek to infiltrate the haunted dungeon of Khinn! The Heirs of Blood campaign concludes with an unprecedented, three-encounter finale that brings Saradyn’s two claimants together in a magical showdown that will determine the fate of the kingdom. Your heroes are all that stand between the rightful heir and a grisly demise."

As in the campaign encounters we've already seen in Descent, the outcome of each encounter affects the rest of the game going forward. 

I (Firestone) recently picked up the Descent releases I'd been missing, so this is very exciting news. We'll bring you more news, and hopefully a review, in the first quarter of 2015, when Heirs of Blood releases. Thanks for reading!

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