Lunchtime Games Are Dead, Long Live Lunchtime Games!

This post is a lament. And an encouragement. About 6 months ago I (Firestone) found out that a co-worker played board games. It was obviously a very casual thing--some of the well-known gateway games, and a few 2-player games with his spouse. But he knew I ran this blog, and was really into board games, so we talked about getting together and playing. A few months ago we created Weekly Geekery. 

Once a week, over lunch, David and I got together and played games. We played Suburbia, Ingenious, Castles of Burgundy, Mr. Jack, Battle Line, and many more. He even put up with some of the prototype games I get to review. It was great! And a great way to get to know each other better.  

But last week was David's last week here. He's moving to Louisiana to be a children's pastor. He'll be great. But I'll miss our Weekly Geekery--and him. 

So I'm encouraging you to create your own lunchtime gaming. Who's expressed an interest in games? (Even if they're the "crappy" ones we hate, like Risk or Monopoly.) Just ask! That guy who has the Star Wars mug? He might be a convert if you're shrewd and strategic about it. That girl who loves The Big Bang Theory? She might have enough geek in her to try something new. (And while you're playing games you can convince her to watch Community, instead.)

Is it risky? Sure. Will it look weird to other people? Yep. Will you get made fun of? Probably! But so what? Those dopes are probably eating their lunches at their desks, surfing Facebook for the 1000th time. Bo-ring!

And maybe--just maybe--some of those people will want to join you. And the next thing you know you have a group of people playing the Resistance over lunch. And that sounds like a blast. 

I hope you're reading this, David. I'll miss you. Jerk. 

Do you already have a lunchtime gaming group? How did it come about? How does it work? Let us know in the comments. And thanks for reading!