We Moustache You a Question

Okay, let's talk about reviews. We think they should be the foundation of the site. The news, interviews, and articles are great, but we want to be known as a place with lots of reviews. 

In the past, we've always been exhaustive in the rules portion of our reviews--when someone finishes one of our reviews they know exactly how to play the game. But the truth is that those exhaustive reviews take a LOT of time to write. And it's been one of the reasons why our review output has dropped. (That plus, ya know...life!)

So we're asking your opinion. We promise it won't take long. 

How important is it that our reviews are rules-exhaustive? 

When Jeremiah went to Origins and GenCon this summer, people mentioned that they appreciate that we completely run through the rules in our reviews. But we're toying with the idea of getting rid of *all* of the rules, and instead focusing on some of the key mechanisms and how the game plays. So instead of a big rules chunk at the front and our opinions at the end, we'd talk about mechanisms and gameplay, and include our opinions woven throughout.

It'll make the reviews shorter, but no less full of opinions--we'd still have wrap-up thoughts at the end, too. The biggest upside for us is that we'll be able to give you more reviews of more games more often. 

But we want to listen to you, so this is where we're asking for you to chime in. Would it bum you out if we stopped writing rules-exhaustive reviews? Or would you be okay if we moved to a shorter format? Even if you don't really care one way or the other, please say so, because that's a vote, too. You can leave your opinion in the comments, or in the box below.

Give us your feedback, please!

Thanks for giving us feedback. And thanks for reading!